I just scored all of this for around $80 and it will easily last me until their next cereal sale. How did you do?

Most of it to be used for breakfast (or quick snack, I'm okay with cereal as a snack). I ground up Cap'n Crunch to use as breading for chicken strips so I had to buy an extra box just for that purpose. Mostly fun cereals, but had to get a few of the granola ones as well. The beautiful thing about these Rosauers cereal sales is it gives me a chance to try those types of cereal that I wouldn't normally pay for. You see, I have a problem spending more than $2 per box of cereal. I'll maybe go two for $5 if it's something worthy, but at $1.79 a box I can stockpile for the next cereal sale.

I also grabbed some granola bars for my desk at work. The 44oz Pepsi? I gotta have something to wash all that down with.

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