Everyone has their vices. I don't smoke, I don't drink coffee, I stay away from hard alcohol. But one thing I'm pretty fond of is pop from the soda fountains usually found at most gas stations. It's something I call a B.A.P. which stands for Big A$$ Pop.

I don't know what it is about that carbonated liquid sugar, but I'm a huge fan. Although I try not to drink as much as I used to, you'll still find me buying a 44-ounce Pepsi from time to time. Here are my five favorite places in Yakima to get one.

  • Apple Bin

    37th and Nob Hill

    I used to come here as often as I could when I was much younger. Although I grew up near Tiger Mart (which used to be on 24th and Nob Hill), going to Apple Bin was a treat. The Styrofoam cups to keep it colder longer is a definite bonus.

  • The Conoco on 48th and Summitview

    This place is a win for me mostly for its convenience. Since I work on Summitview, I end up driving by this place at least twice a day. I like the people who work here, too. Always a plus.

  • Meadowbrook Convenience Center

    72nd and Nob Hill

    If, for no other reason, than to say 'Hi' to Ruth. She's almost always working here whenever I stop by. She's so nice to everyone and always has a smile on her face.

  • Rosauers

    72nd and Tieton

    I don't do my primary grocery shopping at any one store in town, but I do find myself at Rosauers pretty regularly. Whenever I'm here, I'm usually grabbing a drink, too.

  • Wray's Marketfresh IGA

    56th and Summitview, 72nd and Nob Hill and 3rd and Nob Hill

    Another grocery store I love to visit. I'm often grabbing a drink when I'm also grabbing something out of their deli case. Nice and convenient. I'm a huge fan of Wray's and you'll usually see me there a few times a week either picking up one or two things or dropping something off in the mail.

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