Cardi B and Migos' security team won't be facing assault charges after being hit with claims that they attacked a fan who was trying to get an autograph from the rappers last year.

According to a report TMZ published Friday (March 22), law enforcement confirms that the security guards who were involved in the altercation, which occurred after Bardi and Migos left a Met Gala afterparty, will not face any charges because the alleged victim refused to be interviewed by NYPD.

The altercation started after the unidentified victim approached Cardi B as she was leaving a party following the 2018 Met Gala. The fan was relentless with his request for an autograph, even after the Bronx rapper politely declined. Once the fan deemed himself an "autograph hound," security detail for both Bardi and Migos pushed the fan away from the group and began beating him down.

None of the security guards were arrested after the incident. Even though Cardi B claims she didn't see the fight happen, all four artists faced potential criminal charges following the assault. Since the alleged victim refused to talk to police, NYPD detectives have closed the case, which means no one will face charges.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Cardi said about the fight last year. "[sings] I'm legally blind...I said I'm legally blind."

Although the case closed, there's still a civil lawsuit lingering in the courts. The lawyer for the alleged victim, Daniel Szalkiewicz, filed documents last May that claim his client suffered injuries to his face, neck, back and body.

Watch the melee between the security guards and the fan go down below.

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