CeeLo Green said "forget you" to an audience in Little Rock, Ark., on Saturday (May 24) when he cut a performance incredibly short, angering the promoter and disappointing fans.

According to TMZ, Cheddy Wigginton, who sits on the board of Riverfest -- the festival at the center of this whole mess -- said the singer was contractually obligated to perform for 75 minutes, but he left the stage just after 40, reneging on the previously agreed upon set time. And on top of that, CeeLo showed up 35 minutes late.

The agreement also stipulated that the Goodie Mob member would get half of the money up front, which was about $50,000, and the rest would be given to him after completing his set. Although he was given a check for the remaining $50,000, Wigginton eventually canceled it.

So far, CeeLo hasn't responded to the promoter's claims. Also, Wigginton didn't say he would pursue the matter further, however, that doesn't mean he won't.

The day following the show, CeeLo sent out a tweet about Riverfest, revealing he had an "amazing" time.

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