Well this is no good. A little more than a day ago CenturyLink announced that they were experiencing some outages.

In the comments, you can start to see people losing it because it took them a while to even acknowledge it was going on.

And then it got worse.

911 went down.

A news release from the Yakima Valley Office of Emergency Management on Thursday evening urged county residents to text 911 or call 509-248-0430 or 509-457-0207 until further notice if they needed to reach 911 operators.

Operators at SunComm, the multi-jurisdiction dispatch center that serves Yakima County and the city of Yakima, are making every effort to field the calls as they come in, the news release said.

Benton and Franklin County residents are asked to dial 509-628-0333 for emergencies, according to Benton County Emergency Services.

Good to have these numbers in case this ever happens again. Please stay safe out there. This is the latest message from CenturyLink:

But it doesn't stop there

“When an emergency strikes, it’s critical that Americans are able to use 911 to reach those who can help," FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced Friday. "The CenturyLink service outage is therefore completely unacceptable, and its breadth and duration are particularly troubling. I’ve directed the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau to immediately launch an investigation into the cause and impact of this outage."

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