Adams vs. Jefferson. Lincoln vs. Douglas. Darrow vs. Bryan. And now ... Handler vs. Lahren.

Well, perhaps these days those revered debate matchups should be swapped out for something more like Hogan vs. Savage or Austin vs. The Rock, what with our WWE-flavored political enviroment.

But anyway, talk show host, outspoken liberal and loather of Donald Trump Chelsea Handler will face off against rising social media star, conservative commentator and proud supporter of the president Tomi Lahren in a debate at Politicon later this month.

Lahren seems ready to go:

...though Handler's otherwise-busy Twitter feed hasn't weighed in yet.

So what are they gonna talk about? Trump will almost certainly dominate discussion, though each woman's recent activities seem likely to come up. Handler has been extremely critical of the president, both professionally and sometimes rather personally:

Now I’m not a doctor, so I can’t claim Donald Trump has syphilis, because of laws. But as the saying goes, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it probably f***ed some questionable models in the '80s.

Handler has stepped up her attacks on Trump ever since he won the White House, their feud dates back at least to 2012:

...which sounds indistinguishable from something Trump would tweet out today.

Lahren rose to fame a few years ago through a series of viral videos in which she assailed liberals, especially Hillary Clinton, leading to a stint hosting the show Tomi on Glenn Beck's The Blaze. She was fired, however, after admitting on The View that she was in fact pro-choice. "You know what?" she said. "I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well."

She also had a memorable appearance last December on The Daily Show, where she and host Trevor Noah discussed the Black Lives Matter movement, among other topics:

Politicon is a celebrity-tinged gathering July 29–30 in Pasadena, California, It bills itself as "the unconventional political convention" because, uh, that's hard to tell, considering the featured speakers are your standard politicos (Jake Tapper, James Carville, et al) and pundit/entertainers (Ann Coulter, Adam Carolla, etc.).

There are some comedians (Roy Wood Jr., Al Madrigal) and podcasters too, but it's unclear what exactly makes this what the Huffington Post apparently called "the Coachella of politics."

As of now, Vegas isn't taking bets on who'll come emerge victorious, Handler or Lahren, but either way we bet Trump will be giving Lahren another congratulatory phone call. Because he doesn't have more important stuff to worry about or anything.

Fifty Shades of Celebrity Feuds:

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