Along with Christmas comes all of the Christmas songs. Most seem like they were written 50 years ago with a broad scope of how it feels during the holiday season; how the snow looks, spending time with loved ones and more. Well, what if some of those songs were written about Yakima? Here's a quick look at some of those songs you could find on a Yakima Christmas Album.

  • Jingle Bails

    Jingle Bells

    Dashing through Red Lights
    In your souped-up Chevrolet
    Didn't know that Yellow
    means that you must wait.

    T-bones an oncoming car
    A Toyota Celica
    A driver without insurance
    Welcome to Yakima

    Oh! Jingle Bails, Going to Jails
    Your license been revoked
    Pay the fine and do some time
    and now you're done flat broke.

  • O Little Town of Wapato

    O Little Town of Bethlehem

    O little town of Wapato
    I, once, had to stop at your light.
    That's when I noticed the Wolf Den
    and Fry Bread was my delight.

  • Yakima Hops

    Jingle Bell Rock

    Yakima, Yakima, Yakima Hops.
    We have Magnum and Millennium,
    Chelan and Comet and Mt. Rainier
    for your pint of beer.

  • Big Miner

    White Christmas

    I'm dreaming of a Big Miner
    The one that comes with Tillamook cheese
    with extra bacon
    a large fries and shake and
    could I get extra fry sauce, please?

  • Yakima-Herald Reporting

    Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

    Yakima-Herald Reporting:
    -Local Hit 'n Run Flees the Scene
    -Larson Building Lights up Bright
    -Drunk Arrested After Fight

    Local events in 'The Scene'
    Melody Lane Singers are the Thing
    IKE vs. Davis Rivalry
    Construction's Finished, Finally

    Yakima-Herald Reporting:
    -Yakima Pippins Takes First Swing

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