Let's all agree on this much: Clowns are scary.

Sure, they might mean well. Juggling at the circus, flopping around in those enormous shoes, honking silly horns and piling into tiny cars with all their clown friends.

But somewhere under all those big red noses and painted-on smiles, they look menacing. Malevolent.

Wait: That's it. That insane makeup.

That's where Tina Erickson of Face Art Magic comes in. She's the official makeup artist for Terror on the Ave, and her job is to transform normal, pleasant-looking young people into the creatures who tear through your nightmares.

She's pretty good at it.

Watch as she prepares one of Terror on the Ave's clowns for action on a recent Friday night. Tina explains the process (it's lengthier than you might think) and the benefits of a new type of makeup that's pliable and resistant to body heat and sweat.

Which means the actors stay more comfortable ... even if you don't!

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