My week has been made! I finally had a few extra bucks to go shopping for some much needed makeup, so I hit the trenches and stopped by my favorite national makeup store, Sephora!

And my heart skipped a few beats when I saw this glorious blush by Nars. I got the cream stick blush called G-Spot ( And may I please recommend the Smoked Eyeshadow Collection from Urban Decay (,default,pd.html)! I have been using the same eyeshadows from a holiday gift set I received back in 2000! (Don’t judge me.)

Since it has been nearly 13 years (ouch!) since I purchased a wad of makeup, you may imagine my surprise at the current price tags of some good quality makeup these days. When the sales associate rang up my order and told me the price, I choked, spit, my eyes rolled around in my head, and I nearly passed out. I was just about to ask her if that was in pesos, but instead, I pulled up my big girl chonies and coughed up a week’s worth of pay. I have to justify it as well, I do have to look fabulous DA CLUB, because we can’t have a busted face looking DJ on Friday nights at Jacksons Sportsbar & Clubhouse Lounge (Insert shameless plug here but I was not paid to say this!) with CLUB 107!!

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