In 2011 The Yakima County Commissioners agreed to a joint plan with the city of Yakima to create an east west corridor to connect Yakima and Terrace Heights and improve the former Cascade mill site along I-82 in Yakima.

The agreement will result in a lot of development in the future

The interlocal agreement set the framework between the city and county for development of the entire corridor. Since 2011 city and county officials have worked together to continue planning for major development in the area. The cost of the project is estimated to be more than $165 million.

An open house is set to happen Monday

If you're interested an open house to talk about the environmental documentation of the East-West Corridor Project will be held from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Monday, Jan. 23rd, at the Yakima Convention Center, 10 N. 8th Street.
Yakima city officials say the East-West Corridor Project topics to be discussed during the open house include:

Project development and environmental review process
Project layout and footprint
Construction schedule

Representatives from the City of Yakima, Yakima County and the project team will be available to answer questions during the open house. Although this is a cooperative project, Yakima County is the lead agency in receiving comments and organizing the documentation for the East-West Corridor Project. For more information visit


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