Searching for work can really take it out of you but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel and time will be passing either way so let's level up our search with three simple tricks to make the job application process a touch more bearable.

Is It More Income or a Better Work Environment You're Looking For?

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Do You Have a Resume Put Together?

One of the easiest ways to create something unique and ready to send online is by grabbing either a free resume template online or my personal favorite downloading the free app canva and searching through their resumes. Take the layout you like best and switch the information to yours. No matter what job you're applying for, most times you are also required to send your resume.

Fast and Easy

Once you have a basic resume, you can switch the top information to fit each job listing you're applying for. Allowing each business to know why, YOU, would be the best fit. Make your resume professional but also pop, standing out of the crowd in unique ways draws that good kind of attention towards you.

What If They're Not Hiring?

They don't even know they need you, yet. You haven't presented your case. Apply for what you want and then go in and introduce yourself or vice versa. Create a connection and continue to apply for all types of jobs and opportunities. Hopefully, you'll have enough callbacks that you can weed out the positions you're no longer interested in. Either way by really taking control of how you are applying, you get to decide what's next.

I Need Cash Now

Instead of turning to a life of crime, apply at the local temp agencies. If it's money that you need, you could be hired the day of and remember. It's temporary so you can get what you need to be taken care of while you continue to find what fits your lifestyle best.

Who Is Hiring?

Temporary Staffing Agencies

  • Atlas Staffing
  • Express Employment Professionals
  • Elwood Staffing
  • PeopleReady
  • Work-Force Solutions
  • BBSI
  • All Careers Employment Services
  • Worksource Yakima
  • Selective Employment Agency
  • Professional Development
  • Ellendee Staffing
  • Yakima Valley Memorial Humane Resources
  • Pearson Professional Center
  • Entrust Community Services
  • Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

Comprehensive Healthcare

City of Yakima

City of Ellensburg

City of Pasco

City of Richland

Send me a message if you have got a position you'd like to add to the mix!

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