This has been around for about 3 weeks, but like the old saying goes, "if I haven't seen it, it's new to me." I first heard the song when my cousin Ben did a lipsync video to it with his family. I thought, "aww, that's cute." Which rapper made a song about COVID-19? Then this video eventually popped up on my radar and I dropped on the floor laughing. Okay I tripped while watching the video, but I was still laughing. It was no rapper, it was money making televangelist Ken Copeland. Someone with more time & skills than me, went and created this epic metal rap, about how we can just "blow the virus away." If nothing else, you can, these scary times, can influence some to make some great comedy. Thanks to the fine folks on the YouTube Page WTFBrahh for making this available and even having it now on Spotify! Check the video out below. (NSFW... with the video tag at the end)

Oh, and if Rap isn't your thing... don't worry, the same folks took a different sermon and made an epic metal mix! That's below.


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