Davis High School Hosting Annual Trunk or Treat Event for South Side of Yakima

You don’t have to be “scared” to come out and enjoy Davis High School’s annual Trunk or Treat event in Yakima on Friday, October 29th. Davis students and staff have been hosting their annual Trunk or Treat for a few years now and it gets bigger each time, well, except those couple of years during the pandemic, of course!

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Venture out, if you dare, to this fun event being held on Halloween evening in the main Davis High School parking lot. What makes this Trunk or Treat event at Davis different from other local Trunk or Treats is that it is Drive-Thru only. It will be free to drive through as well.

What a great way to kick off celebrating the Halloween weekend with your kids! Free candy while supplies last in the drive-thru. The Trunk or Treat at Davis is from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

If you are looking for Halloween-themed activities for ages 21+ to do here in the Yakima Valley, make sure to check out our Halloween guides here and here.

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