Are you looking for the best burgers in Yakima?

I don't want to be the Burger Police, but sometimes I feel like the price of some of these burgers is getting too dang high around here!


I feel like the burger is the canary in the coal shaft, so to speak.

If the burgers are getting smaller and smaller at the fast-food drive-thru and local restaurants yet the cost for one is getting higher and higher, I feel like something sinister is afoot!

*steps on soapbox* My biggest complaint isn’t just about burgers; it’s also about the cost of chicken mole enchilada dinners at my favorite Mexican restaurants. Don’t even get me started on how pizza prices are outrageous, too! *steps off soapbox*

Dining out at some of Yakima"s best restaurants is a fun experience. Just make sure you have enough to cover the tab!


This one guy was in for a shock when he ordered TWO burgers at a popular fast-food restaurant near him.


It seems that there is no ceiling too high! Now, I'm sure the snippy people reading this will just tell me (and other cheapskates) to just “cook at home” if I don’t like the price of today's burgers.

Hold on, player, it’s not that simple!

Buying groceries has gotten pretty expensive, too. Unless you are on WIC or SNAP, you are feeling the crunch, too.

Suppliers and restaurateurs tell us to blame the food inflation on the COVID pandemic, supply and demand, high minimum wage, pass the cost on to customers, blah, blah, blah, but I feel like that’s just a good excuse.

I know that I shouldn't be complaining because the cost of food is catching up to the times, but before COVID, things were a lot cheaper!

How much does a burger cost in Yakima in 2024? Who do you think has the cheapest and the most expensive burger in Yakima? Let’s take a look.

(*As of March 2024)


WaterFire Restaurant & Bar

(The most expensive burger in town)

$21 for the WaterFire American Waygu Burger (comes with aged white cheddar cheese and beer-battered fries)


Yakima Steak Company

$19 for the YSC Chorizo Burger, Western Burger, and the Mushroom Swiss Burger


The Pub of Yakima

$18 for The Basic burger (comes with choice of fries or chips & pico de gallo dipping sauce)


Cowiche Canyon Kitchen and Ice House Bar

$17 for the Cheeseburger; $18 for the International Harvester burger.


Bob’s Burgers & Brews

$16 for the Smashburger, Classic Cheeseburger, or the Classic Cheeseburger Sliders (comes with either Seasoned Fries, Jo Jos, Green Salad, Soup, Homemade Coleslaw, or Homemade Potato Salad)


Second Street Grill

$15.99 for the Grill Burger


Bill’s Place

$15 for The Dougie burger (comes with cheese and house-cut fries)


Powerhouse Grill

$13.49 for the Hamburger (comes with fries or fresh-cooked potato chips)


Famous Burgers

$12.99 (includes fries)


Red Robin

$10.29 for the RED'S DOUBLETM Burger (comes with steak fries, carrots, steamed broccoli, or Yukon kettle chips)



$7.69 for the Jr. Burger and no, it does not come with fries.



$7.25 for the Big Bacon Chicken Bleu Burger and the Big Teriyaki Chicken with Ham Burger.


Ron’s Tacos & Burgers

$4.65 for a Burger


Stop ‘N Go Drive-In

$3.50 for the Junior Burger


Lariat Bar-B-Q

$2.88 for a Junior Lariat burger


Burger Ranch

$2.29 for a Bandit Burger


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