In the past, Cemetery Tim has paid it forward in helping the homeless and less fortunate here in the valley. And continues to do so. He and Tiny 'Deebo' Lister teamed up to help the homeless here in the valley. A few months before another meet and greet. 'Deebo' had let people know through a video on social media. To donate for the homeless.

First off if you donated something, Thank You! I made a donation myself. It is that time of year where people need some help. Especially during this pandemic.

I follow Cemetery Tim on social media. I saw that he had picked up Tiny Lister early. So following their adventures. I have seen that they went to a few restaurants in Union Gap. The employees and guests at Applebee's and local favorite, Miners. Got a nice surprise. Tiny was having fun with the employees.

On the day of the meet and greet (Nov.7th). Which was at Cemetery Tim's business located here in Yakima. I showed up and waited in line, socially distanced of course. 'Deebo' was having a conversation with a young lady and a group of kids.

The story this young lady had told Tiny got to him. Next thing I know everyone that was present, including me. Went into a prayer circle. Tiny said a quick prayer for this young lady and the group of kids she was with.

To me, his action had let me know Tiny Lister is a man of faith. It was nice to see the human side of a celebrity. When it was my turn to say hi. We joked around for a little bit and took a few pictures.

I had asked 'Deebo' if had a message for the people of Yakima and the surrounding areas, he did. Basically, "keep the faith and love each other". Which I thought was very uplifting. Check out the video on the 1073 KFFM Instagram page. And makes sure to click the follow button.

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