Eazy-E Toppenish

This past Saturday was VERY special! The family of Eazy-E was in Toppenish to meet and greet fans! Why? Because the valley's own Cemetery Tim has been working on a custom headstone for the late great rapper and he finally finished it! He mentioned that he was amazed at the amount of people who showed up Saturday and have reached out privately via social media. He has a large shop -- 1,700 square feet -- and it was jam-packed with visitors, and there was a line down the street.

D-Rez's photos

People showed up from as far away as California and New Mexico to show their love and support! And that doesn't even include the private messages Tim has been receiving from all over the world.

I just spoke with D-Rez and he mentioned that when everyone showed up you had to hand over your phone and here's why.

The family will be having an unveiling ceremony on Sept. 7 out in California! :) They have wanted to get Eazy-E's headstone updated for a long time now, so the timing of it all seems pretty perfect. Tim was so honored the family spent their personal time coming out. He is such a fan of Eazy-E, so to create something that, "represents him" means a lot to Cemetery Tim -- and I have to say, man, you are not alone!

Would you like to add your photo to the list? Drop it below or send me a message :) I would LOVE to hear your experience out here.

Did you also know this isn't the only famous headstone Tim is working on?

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