It's that time of year. A lot of people just popped the question and a lot of them are also filing for divorce. It's never an easy decision and perhaps there is hope for you but if you are considering it, you are not alone.

According to Big Horse Law in Washington State

Divorce rate: 3.5% per 1,000 total population. Most divorces involved individuals 30-44

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Where Does Washington State Stand Percentage Wise When It Comes to Divorce

Washington State is in the middle, for those that get married 12% of those couples file for divorce

What Do You Need to File for Divorce in Washington State?

If you are over in Washington D.C. you'd need one of seven different reasons to apply for divorce but in Washington State, you just need one reason

According to Pacific Northwest Family Law

Washington is a no fault divorce state; the only legal ground for getting divorced in the state of Washington is a claim by either spouse that there has been an “Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.” This simply means that one or both spouses believe that the marriage doesn’t work anymore and will not work out in the future

What About the Kids?

If the parties informally separate before receiving a court-ordered parenting plan, whoever had the children most during the informal separation will almost certainly win custody. via Genesis Law Firm

What About the Pets?

A judge will usually treat pets as property rather than perform a custody analysis. via Genesis Law Firm

How Long Does It Normally Take to Get a Divorce?

it takes almost a full year for the average person to get divorced in Washington State via Genesis Law Firm

I hope that you are able to find peace, no matter what your decision is and if you are in danger please don't hesitate to contact the YWCA for more information. Males and females can speak to someone and receive resources and it's never wrong to ask any and all questions you've been going over in your mind. The phone number is 509-248-7796.

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