In two weeks, my three-year old daughter, Willow, wants to be a super hero in the upcoming SuperHero & Princess Race at Franklin Park. I asked her what her superhero name will be. She goes: "Superhero Willow". Good, she is really thinking outside the box.

Since I have absolutely NO extra money to purchase a superhero costume, I am going to have to get very creative with some bedsheets and leftover quilt fabric. (And did I mention that I do not know how to sew?) My kid is going to be the most shabby-chic lookingest kid out there on the field!

Here's how to turn your kid into a DIY superhero in these three easy steps:

    1) Look at Pinterest for some creative DIY ideas.

Courtesy of Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

    2) Watch a few DIY videos on Youtube.

Courtesy of Valerie Macon/Getty Images