I can't remember exactly where I saw this trick, though TikTok or Instagram is probably a safe bet! It involves the leftover coffee in your coffee pot. If you are an iced coffee lover, prepare to be amazed, if you didn't already know this, because this is definitely worth a try! Waste not, want not when it comes to coffee I say!

Raise Your Hand If You Love Coffee

Step One

Brew your normal pot of coffee.

Step Two

Prepare Ice Cube Tray. I have been collecting some fun ones like pigs and musical instruments but any will do!

Step Three

Pour coffee into trays and freeze

Step Four

Use immediately or store in an airtight container until it's gone time.

Side Note

At some point I will learn how to make my own espresso but I feel until that time, this was a PERFECT solution for my iced coffee cravings

Caramel Macchiatoish/Golden Eagle Esque Iced Coffee Recipe

  1. Fill your glass with frozen coffee cubes. I used a large pickle jar and it was perfect!
  2. Pour cold coffee into your glass till half full
  3. Add Vanilla flavoring, Caramel Drizzle (this could totally be before as well)
  4. Pour in Half and Half
  5. Slurp it real good!

I found a barista online who had created an at-home version of Dutch Bros. Golden Eagle and I was hooked so I decided to give it a test drive today and it was SO good! The coffee ice cubes keep everything cold but don't water down your drink. I like to savor my beverages so this was perfect for me.

You can create any flavors you like and for a fun start collecting some random ice cube trays and then you can share iced coffees with your friends as well!

One More Cool Trick

Use your coffee grounds like dirt and you can get your seeds started or throw it in with your compost and start making your own dirt!


Worth every penny
Here are some of my music molds!

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