It was immediately dragged by all the haters, including a popular hip-hop radio host, Charlemagne The God (you can listen to his audio segment at the end of this blog). I'm not sure if Charlemagne comes across more so as jealous because Russell Wilson is with Ciara and he isn't, or if his comments give off a whiff of misogyny and I feel triggerd. Perhaps he is saying these things on PURPOSE for ratings. Either way, it's MESSY, MESSY, MESSY!

I think it is very sad that women cannot post their maternity pictures without a barrage of negativity and shameful comments. Even recently, we saw a lot of outcry when Beyonce dropped her beautiful maternity pic on Instagram.

poke fun of Beyonce's pregnancy photos. These imitations aren't flattery, this is straight mockery. Burns my britches!

When I was pregnant, one of my besties, Lisa, was just starting out her photography business and needed a maternity model. I remember feeling very self-conscious about it, and was kind of reluctant, but she quickly put me at ease and ended up producing some very gorgeous photos.

If I catch anybody ever saying mean things about my maternity photos, I will find you and bop you over the head with a sock stuffed with other socks, a la Homie D. Clown! :-D

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