Keep in mind that the answer to this question. Do Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving? Is coming from the perspective of a Native American. My home tribe is the Yakama Nation. I'm also part Nez Perce, Colville, Blackfeet, and filipino.

Me personally I'll recognize the holiday. I grew up having the traditional Thanksgiving meal. With the turkey, stuffing, potato salad. And whatever my mom said to help prepare. But that's me.

Now of course in school. The lesson and the story that was taught. Was that the pilgrims came over on boats and landed on what's known as Plymouth Rock. And the local tribe was "invited" to the first Thanksgiving dinner. I'm still not too sure how the turkey became the bird of choice. But I wasn't around then to ask those questions.

That was the short story, in that point of view. If the turkey is cooked right. Either cooked in the oven or fried, is very delicious. If you do fry your turkey. Please make sure to fry your turkey safely.

But again the question is. Do Native American's celebrate Thanksgiving? Parts of the holiday, yea sure. I know many families, including my own. Will cook the dinner and remember the meaning of giving thanks. Being around friends and family.

But what happened to Native Americans across the country. The events that happened  after the dinner. Is something a lot of natives don't celebrate. A period of time known as genocide. Where there were some land issues. And still a lot of land issues today. There were many battles and lives lost.

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It also depends on who you ask. some natives won't because of the research and self-education they did. On the history of thanksgiving. Mainly the information not taught in schools. Some natives will celebrate the meaning of giving thanks. And some natives don't care as long as the turkey is ready to eat.

But coming from this native. I realize the information taught in schools. Won't always be correct or accurate about Native American's. Especially with a holiday that we are a part of. A lot of people think we as Native Americans have disappeared. But we are still here.

If you get the day off for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. And remember to be thankful for what you have in life.

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