Are You Having a Thanksgiving Emergency?


The Butterball Hotline is ready for all your last minute issues this Thanksgiving. Carol is a professional and has been assisting with Thanksgiving for over 23 years, the whole team has been training since October and if you are in a pinch you can call 1-800-Butter-Ball, check their website, live chat with professionals, watch videos, or find them social media and beyond!

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What is a Call They Get A Lot?

Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Assists Holiday Chefs
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Carol calls it the whoops factor bag, if you left the bag of bits inside the turkey when stuffing and cooking, it is in a safe bag and to save face maybe take the bag out while still in the kitchen so no one has to know.

How Do I Thaw My Turkey on Thanksgiving?

Turkey Deep Fryer

Leave the plastic on and drop it into a bucket of cold water, or in the sink for a few hours. Change the water every 30 minutes and it will take 30 minutes for every pound of turkey.

Pro Thanksgiving Tips

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After the Turkey is done, set it on a tray and cover it with tin foil. The juice from the turkey will seep out a bit and you can add that to your gravy, get all the rest of your sides and more while the turkey stays warm and you might even get to sit and enjoy a sip of wine before meal time.

If you have a large stock pot you can actually make your own turkey stock from all the bits of turkey bones and veggie tops as you cut and cook everything up.

One of Carol's Favorite Phone Calls


A young man wanted to pop the question and his great idea was going to stir the ring into the stuffing, stuff the bird and when it was found during the meal, he would then pop the question to his love. Carol thought, what might be a better idea is to tie the ring on one of the drumsticks and when the turkey is brought out to the table, that's when he would pop the question!

Listen to the entire interview below and good luck this Thanksgiving with all that you do

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