I hear this from a lot from parents. I gave my child a cellphone so we could stay in touch and now they are not calling me back. Oooooh, they are lucky they don't live with me because, no call, no phone! BUT I get it. (I also don't have kids, so I realize ... sometimes it's not that simple.) You need to know where they are, you want to  be able to track them (if you have GPS), but you also want them to know they can call you when they need you. But what if they are being lil' punks?

They went from sweet baby angels while asking for the phone, to brats now that it's in their chubby little hands. Acting like they own it and don't need to check in with anyone. So what do you do? How do you allow them to keep the phone BUT still HAVE to call you back? A FREE APP! A solution from a dad who was over it, just like I am sure you are now.

Nick Herbert can now be your new hero. He was so tired of his child not returning phone calls, he created an app. A FREE APP. It's called ReplyASAP! How does it work? If you call, leave a voicemail and are still waiting for them to call back, you have the power to freeze their phone ... until they call you back! Boom! Game changer.

There are more features available for purchase, but the basic app with the freeze function is FREE and if you are an Android user, I recommend you try it today. AND let me know how it works for you :) sarahj@kffm.com :) I wanna know.

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