A judge in Italy recently ordered a couple to rename their 18-month-old daughter. Her current name is Blu, which is not gender appropriate.

The girl's parents say her current name is meant to reflect someone who is beautiful, vibrant and unique.

Italian law requires parents to give their children names that are gender appropriate.

The couple now must appear in court to choose another name for their daughter.

What about gender neutral names like, Taylor or Jordan? I know both male and female Taylors and Jordans.

Sometimes a name is what sets you apart or adds to your uniqueness. I personally wouldn't know since I had three other Micheles in my grade growing up, although I was the only one who spelled my name with one L instead of two.

But there is the down side to a unique name -- getting teased or no one can ever spell your name.

For the most part, I named my kids normal names -- Mathew, Benjamin and Jackson. Shaylee is a rare name, which I've only heard a handful of times. But it's not crazy weird.

Do you know someone with a unique name? Do they like their unique name?

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