If you or someone you know is having a baby this year, they're more than likely undecided on a name. People will reach out to friends and family they haven't spoken to in years to get some spark to what they should name their baby.

Granted there are plenty of family names people will stick to and even biblical names that are still popular today. However, if you're looking for something modern, unique, or just fitting to the times we have a top-ten list of the most popular baby names both boy and girl, and where they came from for 2022.

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Girls Names

We'll start with the girls first, some of these names are absolutely adorable and others a very strong and independent. Let us know if you end up picking one of these!

5.) Emma

The name Emma is an old Germanic name that means Whole or Universal. Perfect for a baby who is soon to be your whole world.

4.) Ava

There's no known origin for the name Ava but it's known to mean Birdlike or Lively, we lean more towards the lively side.

3.) Isabella 

Coming from the origins of Spain Isabella means "Oath To God" This name has had a large resurgence this year and has become popular outside of just the Spanish families.

2.) Charlotte 

The name Charlotte finds its origins in France which translates to "Free Man, Freedom or petite." Tho it may not match the definition Charlotte is a beautiful name for a strong woman.

1.) Olivia

Olivia has been quickly sweeping the nation and found its way to Washington as one of the most popular baby names out there. The origins come from the Latin language meaning Olive or Olive Tree.

Boys Names

Now it's time to get to the most popular boy names, we'll go over the top five boy names that are growing over the entire country and here in Washington State.

5.) Oliver

Tho it didn't test as well as Olivia, Oliver is the male version of this name and one that has taken the world by storm.

4.) Lucas

I'd like to think this name is getting more popular due to the growth of Star Wars fans around the world but sadly it may just be due to how strong and sensitive the name is. Its origins come from Greek and Latin descent usually meaning "Bringer of Light" considering your child may be the light of your life, this is a beautiful name.

3.) Julian

Julian finds multiple places of origin both Greek and Latin origins. The meaning, however, finds the same description which is "Youthful."

2.) Noah

Noah comes from the Hebrew origins meaning Rest or Repose. It's considered to be a biblical name dating back to the earliest days of the Bible and the story of Noah.

1.) Liam

The origins of Liam hail from Ireland which is short for the name William. Liam however means Protector or Warrior. Given to those of strong will and protectors from birth. It's a beautiful name for any baby boy.

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