Raise your hand if you've ever been driving and your GPS mispronounces a street name and it made you laugh out loud.

I love it when my GPS totally botches the name of a street like Selah Creek (mine says “Suh-LAH” instead of “SEE-luh”, or Ahtanum Rd in Union Gap (the GPS lady on my app loves saying it, “OTT-uhnum Road” instead of “UH-tannem.”

Every city has some streets with either some hard-to-pronounce weird street names or ones that kind of make you giggle just a little bit. Seattle is no different.

Many times, names of streets are given someone’s last name, usually ones of relative importance to a founder of the city or a distinguished elected representative or civic figure. Other street names, however, have no apparent logical explanation, as you’ll see in the list below. They might even make you feel grateful for simple street names like, Pine.

8 of the Weirdest Street Names You'll Find in Seattle WA


1 . Bitter Pl N

Who was bitter when they named that road? I want to know!

2 . Carkeek Dr S

This street name looks like it wants to be spelled phonetically so that people will pronounce it the right way.

3 . Dibble Ave NW

The word ‘Dibble’ makes me giggle. Call me silly.

4 . Kinnikinick Pl S

Kenne-who? I don’t think I would do this name justice if I tried to say it, either.

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5 . Monster Rd SW

It’s hard for me to believe this street was named after a person, unless that person was a literal monster. Anything is possible in Seattle.

6 . Shilshole Ave NW

Don’t get childish and replace a few letters in this street’s name. It’s the name of a marina and also a fancy street in Seattle.

7 . The Counterbalance

This street is actually named after a building called, you guessed it, The Counterbalance.


8 . W Ohman Pl

W’Ohman. Whoa-oh-oh man! *sung in the key of Mike Myers in the movie So I Married an Axe Murderer*


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