It has been reported by numerous media outlets (including The Tennessean and Forbes) that a popular dollar store has just purchased another popular dollar store for $8.5 BILLION dollars. This means that there's a high possibility that the larger store will adopt the price points that the other store employs: not every thing is a dollar there.

We have a few dollar store locations in Yakima, and many of our listeners shop there because, hello, pretty much everything is a DOLLAR. I shop there on the regular because of my limited monthly funds (you parents and large families know what I'm talking about--eek!), so I got scared when I heard this news.

The latest story coming out of Bloomberg News today is that some investors are suing to prevent the takeover!

Ooh wee, scandalous!

Here is a photo showing you a bunch of stuff that I found in my house that I have purchased from a local dollar store. (Please note, I did NOT buy the Keurig coffee maker or the microwave or the child at the dollar store.)

Courtesy of Reesha On The Radio
Courtesy of Reesha On The Radio

Will this mean that my canned goods and off-brand pork rinds will now cost more than a dollar? And who knew that dollar stores had BILLIONS to spend on anything? Do all of our $1 dollars add up to be THAT much? All of these questions!

I suppose that it's possible, seeing as how I will go in to a dollar store for just one or two items and then come out having spent $30 on some stuff I didn't realize I truly needed around the house! Hello, this happens to me all the time at Tar-zhay and WallyMart!

I did a quick inventory of all the things in my house that I bought for literally a dollar at the local dollar store on Nob Hill Blvd, and all I'm saying is that I don't want my bathtub cleaner, bubble bath, dishes, grilling tools, silver forks (and don't forget the silver spoons), plus the $1 microwave pasta, the soap bars, candles, assorted picture frames, Christmas ornaments, Valentine's candy, and St. Patrick's Day gift boxes to EVER cost me more than a dollar, I don't care WHO buys WHAT company! This mama's on a tight budget and I need my stuff very affordable, mkay!!

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