The Junkyard , a new veteran-owned and family-owned restaurant just opened up in Spokane, and they know the pain we are all feeling buying groceries these days.

They aim to help out families on a budget, telling KXLY news that they aim to feed a family of 4 for less than $50. While that might sound like a whole heckuva lot to feed a family of four, these days, it is cheaper to eat out in fast food restaurants, and possibly the sit-down restaurants, too, than it is to buy groceries to make your own food at home!

Case in point, today I wanted to make some jalapeno popper chicken, with cream cheese, fresh bacon bits, shredded cheese, ranch dressing and chicken chunks from the can.

That meant that I would have to put the bacon in the air fryer, whip up the cream cheese mixture, and slab it in betwixt a medium-sized jalapeno that had the insides all scraped out and steamed (in the microwave to save time).

The only problem was, I didn't have any of those ingredients in my kitchen. This meant a trip to the grocery store.

I said all of this to say that I walked out of the store spending about $50 to make my teeny little dinner, and that didn't include the watermelon mojito 4-pack I found on sale for $12.99.

The Junkyard Spokane
Jen Theodore on Unsplash

The Junkyard offers food like a "huckleberry dessert with whipped topping and huckleberry puree drizzle for $3." They offer burger specials for the foodies, and they are open 7 days a week.

Some other family-friendly budget-friendly restaurants in Spokane include Satellite Dinner & Lounge, Molly's Family Restaurant, and Dick's Hamburgers. There are many more here.

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