Wouldn't it be incredible to know that after you leave this place, everybody agrees it just wasn't enough time spent here! That's what happened when the one and only Betty White left us on December 31st, 2021.

She was planning a big old television shindig, that we will still have the pleasure of enjoying once it airs and if you don't get a chance to watch it, just know she had some pretty important items she wanted to always be remembered for.

Her love of animals and their wellbeing was so close to her heart, she spent her entire career being an advocate for the furry friends that could not speak for themselves so in honor of her legacy, January 17th, Betty White's birthday. It would be an incredible way to celebrate by donating to our local animal shelters.

There are a few options for you and if I have missed one, please don't hesitate to reach out via our app or social media and I will update.

Sometimes adopting can be a bit too much of a commitment but there are items that are constantly needed such as food, cleaning supplies, puppy pads, and more. Make a difference today and honor an incredible woman. We can start a tradition to keep her memory alive and thank her for being a friend!

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Local Animal Shelters and Non-Profits 

  • Yakima Humane Society
  • Yakima Valley Pet Rescue
  • Wags to Riches Animal Rescue
  • Southern Heart Animal Rescue

Each of these fantastic spots serves the community and our animals and any donation or sharing of the information would be greatly appreciated.

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