Last month we decided to explore the old Albertsons building at 40th Avenue and Tieton Drive across from Eisenhower High School and take photos of what it looked like from the inside. This was due to the popularity of YouTube videos that featured users to old abandoned stores and either gaining access -- or were able to get some photos from the windows of the buildings.

Seeing how Yakima has had some stores close in the past couple of years, we decided to try this out. What we didn't expect was the post to go viral and be shared over social media. We decided to try this again and scout out other buildings in the Yakima Valley to check out. This leads us to the old Rite Aid at 56th and Summitview.

Many who grew up in Yakima in the '80s and '90s will remember this as the old PayLess Drug Store that was right next door to Safeway. Last summer, the company decided to shut down that location -- yet keep the others open.

Unlike Albertsons, Rite Aid left all of the store fixtures inside the building. Not going to lie, these photos we snapped are a bit on the creepy side.

If there are abandoned buildings we should check out in the future, let us know. We would love to continue this project that we have aptly named #AbandonedYakima

Rite Aid on 56th and Summitview #AbandonedYakima

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