It hasn't happened in more than a year but Yakima Police say a man robbed the US Bank branch at 56th and Summitview on Friday. Police were called to the bank at about 4:00 pm Friday.

The man didn't show a weapon when demanding money

The suspect had already left the bank by the time they arrived. Authorities say the man drove a car to the bank and parked it near the entrance. The man walked into the bank with a mask on like all the other customers so nothing was out of the ordinary. He walked up to a teller at the bank and showed a note demanding money. He was given money and he walked out of the bank. The suspect then walked to his car in the parking lot and drove away.

Most employees say they didn't know the bank was being robbed

Police questioned employees at the bank and most were not aware the bank had been robbed since the man didn't show a weapon and didn't make any loud demands.
Detectives with the Yakima Police Department say they collected evidence at the bank. They say security cameras at the bank were able to identify the vehicle and they're confident the man will be arrested soon.

Police continue to search for the suspect today

No injuries were reported and it's unknown how much money the man stole from the bank.
Police say it was the first bank robbery in the last year in Yakima.
The investigation and search for the suspect continues today.

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