You know me, being the resident comic book junkie on the KFFM staff, I'd be re missed not to mention the passing of a great comic book artist.

Joe Kubert was the legendary artist behind Sgt. Rock, Tor and Hawkman and he passed away over the weekend at the age of 85. As much as he was a prolific artist, he also founded the Joe Kubert School Of Cartooning and Graphic Art in Dover New Jersey. The school is the only accredited trade school in America specifically targeted at training comic book artists.

As a young reader I loved his artwork and being able to identify a Joe Kubert work at first glance shows his ability to differentiate his work from other artists. I had the pleasure of meeting him in 1996 at a comic-con and my autographed copy of Rag Man #1 is a priced possession.  I will miss Joe Kubert...he was truly one of the last great golden age comic books artists.

Joe sketches Hawkman for your viewing delight