And we thought Lady Gaga‘s little monsters were a dedicated bunch!

Today (Dec. 2, 2011) is Britney Spears 30th birthday and in honor of the big day, a dedicated, diehard fan — who is also a dominoes enthusiast — created an elaborate domino maze honoring the singer. 6000 dominoes were set up and then fell in a 75-second chain reaction, all related to Brit Brit. That’s love!

Each segment features the title of one song from each of Brit Brit’s seven studio albums, along with the year  the albums were unleashed upon the world.

It’s a captivating two-minutes that makes us rethink our assessment of the super fan, who put A LOT of time  and skill into this. To be frank, we’re sorta jealous that A) we don’t know how to do arrange dominoes in this fashion and B) that said fan came up with a killer present for Brit!

The maze starts out spelling her full name — Britney Jean Spears — and then spells out the titles of her hit songs ‘Crazy,’ ‘Stronger,’ Slave 4 U,’ ‘Toxic,’ ‘Break the Ice,’ ‘Circus’ and ‘Criminal.’

Who needs a mixtape when you can have this!

Nice job, oh creative Brit Brit fan.

Watch the Britney Spears Domino Maze

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