I don't know if you are aware but on Saturday, February 13th, 2021 19-year-old Michael was out on delivery for Domino's Pizza when around 9:15 pm in Yakima there was a call-in about shots fired. Michael was found in his vehicle with a gunshot wound to his torso according to KIMATV and the Yakima Police Department is still searching for the person who did it.

Michael was taken to the hospital and has since been released but he has a long road to recovery, both mentally and physically so the three local Domino's Pizza's in the area are asking the community for help raising funds to help cover some of their employee's current expenses.

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 you can stop by Dominos Pizza located on 72nd in Yakima, Union Gap, or in their South 3rd location to drop off any donation that you see fit. I know the Cash Mob in Yakima got ahold of the info and is gearing up, we all should.

Here's a statement from local management

we are thankful we live and work in a community that cares for each other

What kind of a world are we living in that our pizza delivery drivers are being shot at? I would be shocked to find out the person who shot him doesn't like pizza and honestly, when they find him, that should be part of his punishment. No more delivery pizza from anyone ever again.

I kid but this is serious and I can't imagine how Michael feels, my thoughts and prayers go out to him as he recovers and if you know anything about what happened that night, you really should turn it over to the police. No one deserves to be protected when it comes to gun violence. Doesn't matter the circumstance.

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