Labor Day is coming up on Monday, September 5th and that means a few things. The Jerry Lewis Telethon, it's the last weekend before school starts for most and some phenomenal savings happening around Yakima. Labor Day sales events are usually an excuse to do an end of Summer clearance and that means you can load up for next summer for cheap. Here are a few of my favorite places to check out the great deals.

  • Lowe's Home Improvement

    Perhaps it's time you replace the washer and dryer you've been using all summer. Or, better yet, your weed whacker or lawn mower is starting to crap out on you. Grab all your summer tools and garden supplies and store them away for next year while you can get them for dirt cheap. (pun intended)

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  • Old Navy

    I, personally, don't shop at Old Navy too often, but they always have killer deals with their Back to School Labor Day sales events. Almost always they have nice quality t-shirts for $5 and jeans for inexpensive as well. If you plan ahead for next year, you can always buy a size or two larger to prep for your kid's Summer clothing for next year as well.

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  • Kohl's

    I'm not sure if they'll do it again this year, but last year Kohl's had something called 'Power Hours' where, if you were shopping during certain hours in Labor Day Weekend, you'd get an additional percentage off your purchase for double or triples the saving of they're already reasonably priced clothes and other merchandise. May as well grab some extra swimsuits for next year and extras for guests who forget to bring theirs.

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  • Best Buy

    Best Buy always has and end-of-summer sale which upgrades your home entertainment set up. Movies and video games on sale and fantastic deals on 46-inch HDTVs and blu-ray players. If you haven't stepped in to that high technology just yet, Labor Day weekend would be a great time to make that happen and for great prices.

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  • Local Wineries

    There's something about Labor Day Weekend that gets all of the neighboring tourists to visit wine country and check out some of the local hot spots one last time for the summer and Labor Day weekend is definitely the time to do that. Many of the local wineries, knowing this, also set up some Labor Day sales to help tourists make great choices on what wines to bring home.

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