My wife very casually asked me, the other day, what I wanted for Father's Day. I answers in my typical fashion, "you don't need to get me anything for Father's Day." I was telling the truth. I don't wear a tie to work and all of my hobbies I can fund myself and I don't like people buying me stuff because I can usually find whatever they bought me cheaper or, at time, free. I thought about it for a moment and I thought of a few things that my family can do for me for Father's Day. Anyone can do these as well as they won't cost you, or anyone, anything. They're absolutely free.

Let me play a video game, uninterrupted, for one hour

I love playing video games. I don't play them as much as I used to because I have 3 children that my wife and I are chasing all the time. There are little windows of opportunity here and there that I can play something family friendly like a Super Mario game, but I also like playing certain video games that I won't let my kids watch like the Call of Duty series or Skyrim. Please, take the kids outside for even an hour and let me play a video game for a little while.

The kids won't fight for one whole day

This is more of a dream than will ever be a reality. My two girls are always vying for attention and possession of toys. Just one day I'd love it if they wouldn't fight to sit on my lap, fight to sit at a certain place at the table, fight to watch their show. No fighting, for one whole day.

Have the kids make me something

To be fair, one of my daughters already made me a car in school, which was nice. Those are the things that all dads can't help not to love and hang on the refrigerator until next Father's Day. Draw me a picture, that always works.

No diapers for a full day

My wife and I share diaper duty. Not that we take turns, but it's never a problem changing any kind of diaper, whom ever it's more convenient for at the time. Just for that one day, I'd like to not change any diapers.

Let Me sleep in

Our kids have a habit of, as soon as they wake up, crawling into bed with us and crowding the bed. Then they complain how they don't have enough room, or they need more blanket when they crawled in our bed. This, of course, wakes us up earlier than we would've wanted. I wouldn't mind sleeping in that one day. And, to me, sleeping in means waking up when I want to wake up, not literally sleeping in too late. If I wake up naturally at 8:00am then that's fine. If the kids wake me up at 7:59am, that's annoying.

And that's really all I have. That's my request list. Any other free Father's Day ideas you can share? Please post them in the comments below so we can continue to add to this list.

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