Elk Lodge #318 is inviting everyone who is in need of food to swing on by for a drive-through food distribution taking place this Saturday, March 27th beginning at 9:30 am and will wrap-up at 2 pm or when supplies runs out located at 318 Selah Golf Course Lp.

You can follow their Facebook event page for updates but from the looks of it, they have been busy accepting and packing all kinds of goodies to fill your pantry. Please help spread the word and if you have an event coming up please don't hesitate to reach out so we can help spread the word through the community.

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Based off of the photos it seems you'll be receiving some potatoes, canned goods and more. You might need to grab your favorite proteins but skies the limit when it comes to creating a delicious meal for yourself and the family.

If you have never experienced a drive-through food box distribution yet it's very helpful to know that you should clean-out your trunk, because that is where they will be placing the box. You don't need to get out of your vehicle and to be honest, you shouldn't need to get out and that is now the line keeps moving at a quick pace.

As far as I know there are no restrictions, i.e. needing to be a city of Selah resident but I will update if I come across any more details. Please help me spread the word, it sounds like they have a lot of boxes so the more the merrier.

Food Box Distribution for Saturday

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