Grab the sunscreen and your towel because this Friday, June 14th Franklin Pool is open for business beginning at 12:30 pm!

Back in the day, I used to be a lifeguard at Franklin and so I figured a few tips to keep that lifeguard off your back are in order.




  • 1

    No running!

    You will hear this EVERY TIME you run. Why? Because dodo you could slip, fall and seriously injure yourself. Slow it down! You can still get good air for your cannonball by taking big steps, I get it, but do us all a favor and walk.

  • 2

    That smell isn't chlorine

    Don't pee in the pool! I know you think no one will notice but that "chlorine smell" is actually chlorine reacting to your "accident" that is what you are smelling

  • 3

    If you hear the phrase code brown

    Get out! A code brown means somebody has just dropped a load or a random log is floating somewhere and we have to stop down to get it out. Oh, the joys of watching children and adults!

  • 4

    Oh you want to play dead do you?

    I learned this way back in the day when my family and I were staying at a hotel. I decided to try and hold my breath in the hot tub for a lot longer than 15 seconds and the person watching the cameras had an absolute meltdown. Acting like you're dead in the pool is going to freak out everyone so if you would be so kind not to pull that ish, it would be awesome!

  • 5

    Swim Diapers are SO important

    Have you ever watched a full diaper disintegrate in the pool? I have and it's horrible. Please take the time to find the water diapers because wet soggy messes are a gross mess for everyone and eventually will leak into the rest of the pool!

  • 6

    I get it your hungry so eat!

    Playing hard in the hot sun will not only dehydrate you but will also make you super hungry. You go right ahead and get yourself a snack but gosh dangit would you PLEASE pick up after yourself? Laughy taffy is some of the hardest crap to scrape of the deck and by the time we find it, it's already been tracked everywhere

  • 7

    Arm floats are for the birds

    Please don't let your kids use arm floats. They don't work and if for some reason they are left alone could easily slip out of them and sink to the bottom of the pool. Yes we are watching with our most skilled eyes but an accident can happen in seconds so let's help each other out and not make things worse!

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