A group of bounce houses became a house of horrors over the weekend on a soccer field in Long Island.

Strong winds propelled three of the houses into the air Saturday at the Oceanside United Soccer Club, injuring 13 people, including some children who were inside the playhouses.

The incident unfolded when the houses began blowing end-over-end across the grass.

One father said, "It was the craziest thing you ever saw. The next inflatable that two of my kids were in started bouncing and sliding. I tried to catch it and it just flattened me."

One girl said a rope from one of the houses got a hold of her neck. She said, "It felt like someone was grabbing my neck and they were dragging me."

The 13 people who were hurt went to the hospital, but none sustained any fatal injuries.

Amazingly, this isn't the first time a bounce house has gone up, up and away like Dorothy's home from 'The Wizard of Oz.'

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