I am sure most of you out there have received some sort of phone call leading to the realization they just tried to scam me! Whether it's asking about the PC Laptop that you don't own but they are happy to service, or the gift you just won that you ONLY get mailed to you once you pay the shipping and handling...it's a GIFT! These days it's pretty important to stay vigilante when taking a call from an unknown number.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were a bit distracted and that scammer was real good, I mean so good you ALMOST or did give up info you shouldn't have? It's ok, a lot of us have been there too but that is why I am SO happy to hear that the Yakima Police Department will be holding a FREE one hour seminar on, "outsmarting scammers"

CLICK HERE  for the full story, but basically Wednesday (Oct. 26) at 10 a.m. at the Harman Center, 101 N. 65th Ave., there will be a class giving you the chance to educate yourself on how to protect yourself and others from getting scammed.

Hope you are able to make it!


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