So it's mid-October. I haven't traveled anywhere since the pandemic hit back in March. I was getting a little restless and a bit stressed out. So a few friends and family of mine decided to go on a little road trip to Las Vegas. Mainly to get out of the valley for a few days. And to check out what Vegas is like during the pandemic.

We arrived Saturday evening. Just in time to see the Vegas sunset. We drove down and it has been a while since I drove in Vegas. But it was somewhat easy to get used to. Since it was the weekend I noticed a few changes.

We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel for the night. Checking in was somewhat simple. First, everyone was heat scanned by security before checking in. Guests checked into their rooms through a kiosk. Attendants were present for assistance. Yes, I did need some assistance. The attendants were very helpful. Then we stayed at a friend mines place for a few days.

Before we left for Las Vegas. I've watched other YouTube vloggers talking about high crime rates on the Las Vegas Strip. Right away I noticed a lot of police set up on the strip. The other thing I noticed is that there were a lot of families. Meaning there were a lot of kids walking with their parents on the strip. So if you're going to Vegas be prepared to see police and kids. Mainly on the weekends.

The crowd was smaller. Since there is hardly any international travelers. But the crowd did seem a little normal for a Saturday night. When it came to a weekday. The crowd was noticeably smaller.

Of course, face masks are required to enter any of the casinos and buildings. The exception to wearing a face mask is when you're dining and drinking. As for wearing them when walking the strip or anywhere. It was half and half for people.

Is it safe to return? That decision is up to you. Las Vegas is slowly reopening. Little by little, bar and restaurants are reopening. Shows are returning with restrictions. If you want to go and have some fun and gamble, then go for it. If you're expecting the regular night clubs to be open. With that Las Vegas nightlife Then I'd probably wait. In either case, Viva Las Vegas!!

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Las Vegas

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