Make your family photos memorable now and in the coming year! Say cheese!

A friend of mine is starting up her photography business and she asked me if she could use my daughter and me as test subjects. I am never one to turn down helping out a photographer if they need some cheesy smiles from me to test their lights and filters.

My father was a photographer when I was a teen. He had his own photography studio in downtown Nashville for a few years (Cosby Studio). He always made me sit on a stool and give fake smiles as he tested out his lighting and three million camera lenses. He would often be late picking me up from middle school because he would get wrapped up in developing photos for his customers.

That's right, he would DEVELOP the film by hand.

In this age of cell phone cameras and such, today's new generations wouldn't know a thing about developing film or dropping off your disposable cameras to Walgreens or Super X Drugs to get them developed and printed out.


Does anybody besides me remember SuperX Drugs?

Does anybody remember SuperX Drugs?
Rocky100808 via Ebay

I thought of a handy list of unique and unconventional places you might want to take your upcoming outdoor family portraits. Some of these you'll have to wait until the spring and summer months before you can use them for their beauty, but others you can head off to right now and take some great family pics.

Inside the Japanese Garden at the Aboretum 

Yakima Arboretum
Reesha Cosby via Facebook

By a tree at the Park or near the Playground if you have kids Franklin Park

By a tree at the Park or near the Playground if you have kids Franklin Park
Google Street View

On a golf cart at Apple Tree Golf Course

Appletree Golf Course
Google Street View

Gilbert Cellars in the Lavender Fields

n the lavender fields at Gilbert Cellars
Gilbert Cellars via Google Maps

On the Train or by the Train Tracks at Yakima Trolleys

Yakima Trolleys
Yakima Trolleys via Google Maps

Somewhere inside the Millennium Plaza Space

Millennium Plaza in Yakima
Google Street View

On the Dock at Lake Easton

Lake Easton WA

(Lake Easton is of course not considered a part of the Yakima Valley, but still a beautiful and unconventional space to take your family portraits!)


Anywhere on the back garden patio at Freehand Cellars Freehand Cellars in Wapato

Freehand Cellars
Freehand Cellar s via Google Maps

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