Hello, all my moon babies!

Exciting stuff is taking place tonight, we've got a full moon, called a Beaver Moon but that's not all. We will also be experiencing a partial lunar eclipse that is so rare, it hasn't shown itself for over 500 years and won't come again for another 1,000 years!

According to CNN

November's full beaver moon will see the longest partial lunar eclipse in over 500 years, lasting over six hours from Thursday night into Friday morning, according to NASA. Parts of South America can catch a glimpse at moonset, and parts of East Asia and Australia might see the eclipse at moonrise.

I did a little digging and thankfully NASA in on this business with a breakdown of what we can expect in the PNW. So far so good for clear skies and viewing if you're willing or want to witness history, this baby will be partially visible around 11 pm and fully viewable about 2 am. I normally wouldn't be up BUT the cats like to get up around this time so I will for sure be taking a peek and maybe even going outside to take it all in.

How to Celebrate a Full Moon

This is always a perfect time to set intentions or start a gratitude journal. Some people love to set out jars full of water to charge under the light of a full moon, you can then use it for your tea, in your bath, water your plants, create a simmer pot full of cranberries, oranges, rosemary, and bay leaves with positive words written on them.

Release what doesn't serve you and take in a sight that is super rare and a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Full Moon Tools

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