Mondays can be a struggle, especially if you had a particularly long or lovely weekend. Loads of changes have taken place in the last year and one of the things I have been focusing on is self-care. Making sure I am not pushing myself too hard, turning work-off when I am not there, and focusing on being completely present and in the moment.

I've noticed I am picking up on people's true intentions, inflections in their voice, and motives more. Before I must have been shrugging off signs the universe was providing me, now, I hear them loud and clear. What to do with all this info can be emotionally draining, but stick with it because it will all begin to make sense.

Where does one start re-connecting? Anytime is a good time but under a full moon is perfection! If you're reading this, it was meant to be. Let it go and let's flow.

Tonight is a Super Moon, referred to as a Pink Full Moon, not because of its color but because pink moss is one of the first to show off nature's color palette each Spring. Super because the moon is closer to the earth and will provide such a gorgeous light tonight and tomorrow it will also appear to be full.

You could leave a few bottles of water out to "charge" under the moonlight. In the morning you can use it for tea, add it to your bath water or feed your plants with it.

Tonight is a great time to light some candles, burn some sage, and write out your intentions. You could say some positive affirmations to yourself and then burn the list of items. Take a deep breath and enjoy being outside, taking charge of what you want out of life.

This is a Scorpio moon so you could be feeling very stuck right now. Challenge yourself to let go of what is not serving you. Break free of what is holding you back. We tend to carry a lot of other people's opinions with us, consciously and unconsciously. It's time to start learning who we really are, what makes us happy, and what we need to re-energize ourselves.

You don't have to run out and buy tarot cards or crystals but there's no time like the present to take some time to connect with ourselves. Nature can do amazing things for the psyche so kick off your shoes and let those bare toes roam around in the grass. Plant some rosemary in a pot by your door for protection and call on your inner conflict to be released.

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