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My daughter, Willow, just joined the Girl Scouts (she's a Daisy) and if you know anything about the Girl Scouts, it's that they sell those delicious COOKIES!

I had no idea just how much people wait on that time of year when the Girl Scouts hit the pavement and set up booths outside of stores selling cookies. Now that I'm a Daisy Mom, I have been immersed in a crash course of the behind-the-scenes adventures of selling these delicious treats!

If you don't personally know any Girl Scouts who are selling cookies, and/or you would like to buy some from Daisy Troop #6033, please head over to Rosauer's Supermarket (410 S. 72nd Avenue) on Saturday, March 25th, from 1pm to 5pm!

Thank you in advance for supporting the troop's goals to plan some local Yakima and Pacific Northwest adventures (like camping and trips to the zoo). Daisy Troop 6033 plans to use their cookie money (the troop only gets $0.40 per box) to help them with their group journey to "make the Earth a better place and help the animals"!

If your daughter wants to become a Daisy, Brownie, Junior or Cadette, contact the Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho!

Here's a picture of Willow in her Daisy uniform, which just arrived in the mail!

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