Life works in such a funny way. As time goes on I am VERY aware of the fact things happen for a reason. I don't understand some of what happens but this weekend had me a tad overwhelmed.

Since last year I've had a pair of tickets to The Mix Tape Tour at the Tacoma Dome; New Kids on the Block, Salt-N-Pepa, Naughty by Nature, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. I know, incredible line-up but you know how time flies, the weekend arrives and my Mom needs help moving into her new pad so I suck it up and give away the tickets on-air.  In steps, the universe.

A friend runs into my husband. He asks what she's up to this weekend. She's headed to The Mixtape Tour. My husband mentions I had wanted to go and she brings up the fact they have an extra floor seat ticket, you think she'd be interested?

I don't go to many concerts and I certainly don't splurge on floor seats. This was where I sat at a Black Eyed Peas Concert back in the day

Tacoma Dome
Tacoma Dome

Oh. My. Gosh!

Floor seats are incredible! I don't have a desire to touch them but being so close is something you don't forget! SO cool!

I am a little sad to admit that I still don't own/know where the New Kids on the Block bedsheets, the slap bracelet, tapes and posters that I had are but trust I was in love :)

I remember my best friend and I creating our own dances to Push It by Salt-N-Pepa, singing at the top of my lungs to Tiffany and Debbie Gibson and rapping along with Naughty by Nature and now I am here getting to see them.

Vin Rock ROCKED the house with DJ Slugger to get the crowd warmed up and oh my goodness we were ready to party. I LOVED the set-up!

New Kids on the Block hit the stage first and sounded amazing. All the dance moves. New and old songs, then bam Tiffany is there singing at the top of her lungs from a stage behind us. We flip back and New Kids on the Block are back on stage, now they are in the crowd. Now, they are right in front of my FACE!

Debbie Gibson has this incredible sparkly pink dress and she is working it! Now Salt-N-Pepa is hitting the stage. I am freaking out! Naughty by Nature crushes it and New Kids on the Block are now dancing with the Seagals! Now everyone is on stage and I am in Heaven!

The Tacoma Dome was packed and I LOVED going through all the photos I took because you can see the pure joy in everyone's faces. We are all aging with this band and I LOVED the moment they thanked the crowd. Joey said something like, "we always knew we wanted to do this for a living but to be able to still be singing the same songs with this much love and support after 30 years is something else!" I couldn't agree more.

I also find out that Tiffany gave them their big break so to have her on their tour 30 years later is mind-blowing to me. They were just babies and look at them now!

Here's to many more years! I hopefully will get another chance and this time if you want to add in TLC I am totally down! ;)

The Mixtape Tour 2019



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