Being a homeschool teacher whether I had a choice in it or not has become one of my worst nightmares come to life. I find solace in knowing that I am not alone in feeling this way.

Check up on your new homeschool parents. We are NOT okay!

If your child is anything like mine during these coronavirus pandemic lockdown times, they are pretty much flat out refusing to do any worksheets the teachers are sending from school. My daughter Willow's refusal to do the daily homework has led to way too many arguments, tears, and time outs--and that's just talking about me. Willow has lost screen time privileges over her stubborn defiance and I have grown even more gray hair from the stress.

If you need a visual, here is a renactment of my child throwing a tantrum because I told her to - GASP - read a book!

Is there anything that can help?

A friend at work told me about these Marvel Superhero lesson plans, so I'm going to try to use them. My kiddo is crazy about the Avengers, so perhaps these activities and worksheets could inspire her to get her homework done! I hope they will help you with your kids!

The following are a few FREE digital downloads I found on the internet. Click here to get you started on many more of these Avengers-themed lesson plans.

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