Every once in a while your children might stumble upon a house where no one's home, but where the residents still want to participate in the spirit of giving out candy. They'll leave a bowl full of treats on the front porch with a sign to take some. You can usually imagine some kid figuring out they're not at home so, with no consequences, they take the entire lot. In this case, it wasn't a child, though.

The sign said:
"Help yourself, but be considerate."

What made matters more tempting was that these were full-sized candy bars. None of this typical fun-sized nonsense.

The video starts with kids excited to see what's been left on the porch. Some grab one candy bar. A few even grab two or three. I don't know how considerate more than one is, but with how much candy was left I guess it was OK. The owner who made the video didn't seem to mind.

Then a mom comes up, dressed as something (I can't quite tell, but assuming it's a candy-stealing fairy) and not only takes what's left of the candy from the porch, but coaches another child to grab the rest himself.

All they left were the empty candy boxes. The heart-breaking moment comes at the end of the video when a child runs up eager to grab a treat only to see empty boxes. Absolutely despicable.

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