An overprotective mom in Utah saw some shirts at their local PacSun that she didn't agree with. She did what anyone would do. She went in and bought out the entire stock so nobody else would.

Wait. What?

True story. Judy Cox was at the mall with her 18-year-old son in Orem, Utah which is a few miles north of Salt Lake City when she saw a display of shirts at PacSun. She asked them take it down, but that decision wasn't up to the local employees so she took it upon herself to buy all of the shirts so that nobody else could buy one and walk around town with them on.

These shirts featuring ladies in various productive poses and, at about $28 a shirt, she ended up spending over $500.

She does plan on returning them after a new stock of shirts are displayed.

What do you think? Did she go to far? Take a look at the shirts yourself and tell us, do you find these shirts offensive?

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