Don't lie! You know you use emojis, be it a simple smiley face or a string of 'em, you are at least aware of the term emoji. If not, well, read on because TODAY (July 17) is National Emoji Day!

Have you seen the movie "Blockers" yet? There is a scene where the parents are attempting to decipher the emojis their teenage daughters are shooting back and forth and with SO many emojis to choose from, at this point it would be nice to find a place that tells you what all these emojis mean ... eggplant I know what you are about ... moving forward haha!

Yaaaas Queen, 100, Heart Eyes and more, so my question is what is your favorite emoji, and does it match the state you are from?

Washington state, we need to take a deep breath because our emoji is struggling right now ... air hug?

CLICK HERE to find out where you land.

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